Tozo T10 Review

by David Wright | Last Updated on September 30, 2020

Not only the sound quality but also the design and even the charging case have become notable features of wireless earbuds. In this Tozo T10 review, the focus is on the price vs. value.

Let us see if this mid-price model has something promising on offer!

Tozo T10 Salient Features

Key Features
› Wireless connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0
› Microphone (built-in)
› IPX8 Waterproof
› HD Stereo Sound
› Charging Case

Design and Outlook

Not a high-end design or finishing! However, Tozo T10 wireless earbuds come inside the packaging that is acceptable for the price range.

Tozo T10 earbuds

Charging Case

The charging case looks a bit low-end, but the lettering on the case is shiny and reflective; you can at least give it a respectful glance.

The case size is pretty big (3.2” x 1.7” x 1.2” | 6.5 Cu. Inches), and the plastic material isn’t really what I personally would love to see. The size of the case makes it tough to contain inside a pocket without noticing its presence. There seems no reason for a bigger size because you’ll see useless empty spaces inside the case.

The charging case is IPX8 certified. The case features Qi-enabled charging, which you rarely find in products within this price category.

Charging case of Tozo T10

The earbuds

The package contains 3 optional ear-tips to let you select the most suitable for your ear-size. The standard Tozo T10 earbuds’ size is 0.9” x 0.7”, good for the users with an average ear-size. Due to the slightly smaller size of the earbuds, they look less bulky.

Earbuds are also IPX8 certified.

Dimensions of the Tozo T10 earbud

Micro-USB Charging Cable

You get a charging cable with a Micro-USB interface.


Thanks to the smaller size of the earbuds, they don’t seem to stick out of your ear. However, the design doesn’t have any support to help the earbuds stay fit. They don’t fall out, but at times you may feel the sensation of loosening up of these buds, which is sometimes frustrating.

You’ll be mindful not to shake your head vigorously. Even yawing will require you to put your fingers on the earbuds first. Some Tozo T10’s reviewers tend to promote the product as a good option during the workout, but in reality, it is a 50/50.

But things aren’t the same for everyone. If you are lucky, some of the three ear-tips will let the earbuds fit inside your ears.


Tozo T10 earbuds come with slightly stiffer ear tips. That isn’t something you expect from most truly wireless earbuds.

Pressing the physical controls sometimes pushes the bud deeper inside your ear. I’d like the controls to be a bit sophisticated than they are. Touch-sensitive buttons, just like those on the Tozo T6, would have been great.


For earbuds, the IPX8 certification is what you can expect at best. One of the numerous pros of the Tozo T10 is its waterproofing capability, both on earbuds and the charging case.

IPX8 Waterproof Rating – IPX8 suggests that the product can survive up to 1-meter under water (depth) for up to 60 seconds. However, these earbuds aren’t designed for swimmers. The waterproofing feature is provided to let the hardware survive the impact of sweat and rain.

Wateproof earbuds and charging case

Battery and Charging

The magnetic assembly lets the lid of the case to stay tight. Using the push button, you can open it easily. The 3-hour battery life isn’t impressive, though (the company claims 3.5 hours of battery life after the full charge).

The 2-3 additional charges (using the charging case) make it up to 12 hours total playtime. It takes around 1 hour to charge the battery fully.

There is no power-saving feature. Tozo T10 does not support Audio-During-Charging. The charging port is compatible with the Micro-USB interface.

The 3 blue LED indicators are suggestive of the earbuds charging, standby, and fully-charged, respectively.

Wireless charging option of Tozo T10


You don’t get smart features, including an equalizer and button mapping since Tozo T10 doesn’t have a dedicated app. But I think that’s ok since we’re talking about mid-price earbuds.

All isn’t lost though – Tozo T10 earbuds have Bluetooth 5.0. But it doesn’t support Multi-Device or NFC Pairing.

The line-of-sight-range is approximately 103 feet and 323ms PC latency (SBC). Tozo T10 supports AVRCP, A2DP, HFP, and HSP (you can learn more about these Bluetooth profiles here).

Sound Quality

1. Sound Profile

  • 87 dB Bass Amount
  • 13 dB Treble Amount

It signifies a bass-heavy and warm sound profile. Bass is deep and thumping.

2. Frequency Response

  • 05 dB Average Standard Deviation

Outstanding with the proper air-tight fit and the right size of ear-tips. Tozo T10 performs better than most wireless earbuds in this price range. The right fit lets you enjoy consistent treble and bass without much effort.

3. Bass Accuracy

  • 10 Hz Low-Frequency Extension
  • 03 dB Standard Error
  • 35 dB Low-Bass
  • 7 dB Mid-Bass
  • 91 dB High-Bass

That isn’t what most of us would like to experience with Tozo T10. It shows an overemphasized range and boomy bass. You’ll only love it if you are an EDM or Hip-Hop fan, always looking for the extra kick.

4. Treble Accuracy

  • 21dB Standard Error
  • 73dB Low-Treble
  • 93 dB Mid-Treble
  • 31 dB High-Treble

Unlike bass accuracy, Tozo T10 earbuds have decent treble accuracy. There seems a little over-emphasis in the mid-treble, which often lets instruments overpower vocals that are frustrating.

Sound quality of the Tozo T10 wireless earbuds


One more thing worth to mention is the T10’s sound input feature. The Tozo T10 microphone performs better than its close competitors featuring Bluetooth connectivity.

But the noise handling isn’t good with this microphone. If you are surrounded by people or traffic, you will probably have to repeat your words to let the person at the other end understand what you said.

Speech Recognition

  • 73 Hz LFE
  • 71 dB FR Standard Deviation
  • 64 Hz HFF
  • 529 Weighted THD
  • 96 dB Gain


The Tozo T10 earbuds’ controls are a bit tricky because of the flat design, which makes pushing them a bit harder as the earbuds slip deeper into the ear canal. The feedback is decent, though.

Apart from the music/call control, there is nothing significant: no volume control, no mic-control, and no channel mixing. The scheme is disappointing. It seems as if the designer was more focused on the controls for call answer/reject/hang-up and redial.

Package Contents

  • Additional Ear Tips
  • Charging Case
  • Tozo T10 Earbuds
  • Charging Cable (Micro-USB interface)
  • Wrist Lanyard
  • User Manual

Pros and Cons

Stable wireless connectivity (BT 5.0)
Reasonable sound for this price range
IPX8 Waterproof (Earbuds and Charging Case)
No ear-hooks or wingtips
Poor noise handling of microphone
No dedicated App and not enough music controls


Considering the price, the Tozo T10 are good wireless earbuds. But if you are looking for some premium features, you should probably look at the more expensive models.

However, for anything at a low- and mid-price, I think we can definitely accept some of the cons these earbuds have.



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