Nixon Mission Action Sports

by David Wright | Last Updated on June 28, 2019

The Nixon Mission Action Sports is a high-end smartwatch specially made for ski and surf fans. It has immense and robust design with a 48mm silicone band and a 1.39-inch digital LCD display. It is one of the few Android Wear watches out there that also supports GPS. The watch comes with a 400mAh battery, microphone, a Snapdragon 2100 CPU and a RAM of 512MB/ 4GB Flash (ePOP).

This sturdy looking watch provides one of the best water resistance among all the Android Wear watches. It is certified to 100m in depth and 10 underwater atmospheres of pressure. Hence, the watch is ideal for all the skiers and surfers out there due to its amazing water-resistant features.

Nixon Mission has a patent pending MicLock that allows you to take the watch into the water with all its amazing Android qualities. Moreover, it features colorful versions that have Cerakote ceramic coating on them, to make it hard, corrosion-resistant and waterproof.

The Nixon smartwatch offers a full-color 400×400 AMOLED display with a touchscreen. It has a multitouch functionality and, of course, you can use it with wet fingers too. You can turn down the brightness or transfer to auto-brightness, in case the watch is running low on battery.

As far as the design goes, the sides of the Mission Action Sports watches are rugged and tough, made from polycarbonate plastic and the case back and bezel are made from 316L steel. In order to protect the display, the bezel is elevated slightly higher than than the Gorilla Glass on top of the display.

The watch offers the skiing app that displays your top speed and altitude, while the surfing app shows your highest speed and the distance traveled. These apps allow you to keep track and check your progress.

One of the best features of this smartwatch is Android Wear and all its advantages. Google Fit allows you to start training and beat your own personal best scores. With Google Play Music you can connect headphones or blaster speakers to your watch and listen to downloaded music.

In addition to all of that, Google Maps provide you with step by step directions to make sure you find your way through snow or while surfing. All you have to do is to say the name of your destination and the directions will be displayed on your watch. Google Now can also give you timely reminders to keep you updated with flights timings and other important information.

In short, Nixon Mission Action Sport has all the useful features that surfers and skiers are usually looking for. With the strong and rugged design, water-resistance, Android Wear with GPS and Google Maps the watch does not fail to impress anyone who wishes to use it for most of the daily activities, including ones involving water or snow.