JBL E15 Review

by David Wright | Last Updated on October 20, 2020

JBL products have been hot lately, especially after launching their new E-Series. JBL E15 is one of their in-ears earbuds, but it is relatively cheaper than the other series, such as E25’s or E45’s.

In this JBL E15 Review, we will examine if it has an adequate base level, comfortable design, and accurate sounding detailed vocals that must suit our hearing requirements.

JBL E15 Features

Key Features
› In-Ear Headphone
› One Button Universal Remote
› Semi Angled Jack Support
› Multiple size Ear Tips
› Tangle-Free Fabric Cable
› Lightweight design
› Distinctive Colours
› Convenient Leather Carrying Pouch

Design and Outlook

The JBL E15 in-ear headphones are sleek and stylish. Unlike the E25’s, the cable of JBL E15 will be plugged into your phone or your any other listening device as it is not wireless.


The packaging is quite neat and nice. It has an inner and outer box, having the earbuds embedded into a packing foam and bundled wire. The accessories are neatly packed in their own compartments.

JBL E15 earbuds in the box


Colour Range

The E15 comes in black, white, red, blue, and green colors.

JBL E15 in-ear headphones in different colors

Single Button Remote

If you look part-way down the right side of the cable, you will see a simple single-button remote which is used for playing and pausing the sound/call. You will need to use your phone for the volume control as there isn’t any button for controlling the volume.


JBL E15 in-ear units look very similar to E25BT headphones. They are relatively plain, which is okay as it is the signature of the JBL products. It has this semi angled jack support that looks small, but it will decently connect with your phone and other listening devices. We are aware of the fact that we like the headphones to be simple and minimalistic in design.


The cable of JBL E15 is not merely a plastic but braided nylon. Therefore, it makes the line stronger, long-lasting, gives it a better look, and, most importantly, it will not tangle, which is the most annoying thing about the wired earphones.

Faux Leather Carrying Pouch

The in-ear headphones come with a small leather carrying pouch to put the headphones in for proper protection and a way to keep it organized.

Multiple Silicon Ear Tips

It also comes with two to three pairs of different sized silicone replacement tips, including those that come pre-installed on the headphones. Of course, it’s always great to have several sizes of ear tips, so if, for example, you have small ear canals, most likely, one of the pairs will suit you.

Fit and Comfort

Well, comfort and fitting are a crucial concern while choosing any headphones. At first, after wearing JBL E15 in-ear headphones for a while, it usually fits pretty well. Then it may lose a bit of the seal when we move our jaw enough. Also, when we rock our heads, we can feel them pull slightly from time to time.

It wouldn’t be ideal for the sport-focused activities or used during the workouts as it may fall often. But for day-to-day use like subway, short walks, calls, and conference calls, it is a good choice.

Also, if we wear it inverted or wrap it around our neck, we may mitigate the above-mentioned issues, so it’s not so bad overall.

Sound Quality

The JBL has a history of delivering great-sounding headphones at a great price, and the JBL E15 headphones are no exception. Let us start with its bass.


The bass levels in JBL E15 are relatively good, but it has a weaker frequency range between 20 – 20k Hz. Well, the frequency here is pretty average for budget earbuds, which is reasonable at this price.

With the level of bass of the JBL E15, these headphones are good for users who are into genres like rock, classical, and pop. But the mega-bass fan should probably look at some more bass-heavy models.


It has an impedance rating of 16 ohms, so these should work fine with pretty much any device.


It is decent, we would say around the medium. It should suffice for most commuter use that isn’t excessively noisy.


The JBL E15 has a one year warranty, which is comparatively average for most of the headphone companies.

Package Contents

  • Additional Ear Tips
  • Faux Leather Pouch
  • Warranty and Instructional Pamphlets


Overall, the JBL E15 is reasonable wired earbuds. These in-ear headphones are style and substance, all rolled in one.

In my opinion, all the minor downsides of the E15 that was mentioned in the review are completely acceptable for the model’s price range.



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