How to Measure Headphone Decibels

by David Wright | Last Updated on October 20, 2020

Measuring Headphone Decibels

Everybody wants to drive up the headphone-volume while listening to their favorite songs, but we hardly realize how damaging it can be. Did you know that headphones producing more than 85 decibel sound can result in Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) or even a permanent hearing loss?

As a user, you should know how to measure your headphone decibels to take precautionary damage-preventing actions. Here are some tactics you can use for measuring your headphone decibels.

How to Measure Headphone Decibels on Smartphones

You can measure decibels using your cellphones through various mobile apps. These are discussed separately for each mobile types.

Measuring Headphone Decibels on an Android Phone

As an Android user, you can easily measure the decibel through the “Sound Meter” application. The following steps define how to measure your headphone decibels using the Sound Meter app:

  • Open your Sound Meter app.
  • Start playing the music on your headphones.
  • Place the earbuds near the microphone.

The app will tell you the decibels.

Measuring Headphone Decibels on an iPhone

Decibel X - app for iPhone to measure decibels

The process of measuring decibels in the iPhone is the same as Android, but the applications may differ. For iPhone users, some top-rated decibel measuring free apps are as follows:

Measuring Headphone Decibels on Windows Phone

People hardly use windows phones nowadays, but some popular decibel measuring apps in windows are as below:

  • Decibel Meter
  • Sound Meter

The measurement method is the same for Android, iPhone, and Windows.

Measure Decibels through Your Computer

Measuring headphone decibels on the computer is as easy as on phones. You do not need to be a software expert or a programmer to measure it. Just visit Microsoft App Store, download the “free decibel reader” app, and follow the same measuring steps discussed for phones.

But it is better to check your headphone decibels at various volume levels to know the limit for the next time.

Measure Decibels through Common Noises

You can also measure your headphone decibels through everyday noises. You can set common noises as a benchmark and compare it to your headphone volume. You will not get the exact number; rather, you will know the safe limit. Some common noise decibels are listed in the table below:

Common Noise Decibels
Breathing 10
Ticking of Watch 20
Whispering 30
Humming of Refrigerator 40
AC & Normal Conversation 60
Washing Machine & Dishwasher 70
Traffic 80-85

The noise will get annoying after 70 decibels, and after 80 decibels, it will start damaging your ears and hearing ability if you continuously listen to it for two hours.

Check if your headphone volume matches the sound produced by traffic, and if it does, set the volume down and know the limit.

Measure Decibels through Instruments

Instrument for measuring decibels

There are various decibel measuring instruments available in the market. You can buy a quality instrument and use it to measure your headphone decibels.

Instruments usually follow the same measuring method as phones, but it is essential to check the user manual to know some additional settings.

Final word

Enjoyment is essential, so as your ears and health. Headphones with louder volume can help you escape worldly noise for a bit, but continuously using it will definitely damage your ears and may even turn you deaf. Be careful; your ears are more important than the few minutes of enjoyment.


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