How to Clean Headphone Muffs

by David Wright | Last Updated on October 22, 2020

How to clean headphones

The use of headphones continues to grow over time – both indoors and outdoors. Everybody knows the importance of cleaning headphones regularly, but cleaning headphone muffs can be somewhat complicated for some of us.

Today I am going to focus on how to clean headphone muffs in particular.

Do you need to clean headphone muffs regularly? Why not… If you can, please take a look at the headphones, ear-tips, or muffs; a closer look, please? Did you notice the tiny particles you overlooked before?

Why Should I Clean Headphone Muffs?

Because you’d never want these reserves of strange particles and dust to enter your ear canal.

We often don’t realize the earwax clogging all the time while carrying earbuds inside our ears. The same is the case with the headphone muffs – we seldom realize the need to clean headphone muffs until we closely notice the dust particle.

Steps to Clean Headphones Muffs or Pads

Cleaning your headphone muffs or pads is a simple activity, but you need to be careful, though. Keep the following things with you:

#1. A clean, dry cloth for initial dusting (make sure that the fabric is soft and its fibers are not stretching out);
#2. A separate cloth (for cleaning with warm water);
#3. A cotton bud or a matchstick;
#4. Hydrogen Peroxide or white vinegar;
#5. A mixture of warm water and soap or detergent.

Micro fiber dry cloth

1. Wipe Off the Dust

  • Remove the pads or muffs and take the smooth, dry cloth to wipe off the dust. If you have a miniature vacuum, you can use it for this purpose. However, dry cloth will suffice.
  • Once done, wrap the same cloth around a matchstick or earbud to reach the thin corners of muffs or pads.

2. Apply Soaked Cloth

  • After removing the dust, take the other clean cloth, dip it into the warm soapy water, and gently clean headphone muffs.
  • Make sure not to soak the fabric so heavily that the water flows out of it while cleaning headphone muffs.
  • Make sure to apply the damp cloth gently since squeezes can make water drops rush quickly across the surface of the muffs or pads.
  • Once properly applied to both muffs, put aside everything and let these muffs dry under a fan or natural sunlight

In the meanwhile, wash the damp cloth (don’t wash it with the soapy water since the purpose is to remove soap or detergent) and let it dry (you may iron it or squeeze it tightly).

3. Apply White Vinegar or Hydrogen Peroxide

Just a glance doesn’t convince you if there is a need for this step after cleaning headphone muffs with warm soapy water. But some bacteria and germs are stubborner than you may think. Besides, the remains of the uncomfortable smell will fade away after this step:

  • Take the cloth if it has dried
  • Apply hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar, whatever is available
  • Apply to the headphone muffs in a way that it looks as if you are gently polishing them

If you want your headphone muffs to regain some shine, I recommend using white vinegar. Or you can use it at the end after applying Hydrogen Peroxide.


When to clean headphone muffs or pads? Well, it depends on how often you use them and whether or not you take them outdoors, throw them in your bag with other things, and where you normally keep them. Ideally, regardless of those factors, it’s better to clean headphones muffs fortnightly (once every two weeks) before dust turns to tiny blocks or germs start reproducing rapidly.



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