Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill

by David Wright | Last Updated on June 18, 2019

The Confidence Fitness Magnetic is a treadmill that offers you the chance to carry out top-notch workout sessions in the comfort of your home. The machine weighs 46.9lbs and can support the weight of about 220lbs. The dimensions of the treadmill make it convenient to be used and stored easily at home.

The size of the machine when folded is 48” x 7.9”, and the box size is 52.1” x 24.4” x 9.3”. The runway belt size 15’ x 40.2”. The treadmill comes with a 12-month warranty to make sure users do not face any issues.

The Fitness Magnetic Treadmill is perfect for regular workout and has all the features you need to carry out your routine exercise at home. It offers smooth and quiet magnetic resistance with 8 levels that are adjustable to match the standards of your workout. The multi-function computer displays your stats and information like speed, time, distance, odometer, scan functions, and calories.

Portability of this treadmill is convenient. Besides, you can store it easily wherever you want. The locking-pin-mechanism is simple to operate, and built-in wheels move easily in all directions. That is what makes it great for both home or indoor usage, and you and your family can easily take it out when you want to work out.

The dimensions make it pretty convenient to use the treadmill indoors, as the belt is large enough for you to run freely, and is also suitable for users with a wide stride. The treadmill also features a gentle incline shape to make your workout sessions even more effective. The adjustable speed allows you to control the intensity of your workout.

The metal frame comes with handlebars to let the users grab onto for support. The machine is effortless to assemble and has a lightweight compact design. All these features come at an affordable price, which makes it great option for home use.

For those who are looking for an entry-level treadmill or even for a compact machine to carry out their running exercise at home, this Fitness Magnetic Treadmill is the way to go.