NordicTrack Сommercial 1750

by David Wright | Last Updated on January 20, 2020

The Commercial 1750, by NordicTrack, is a treadmill series for all fitness enthusiasts out there. The treadmill features a 10-inch smart HD touchscreen, iFit coach ready and Bluetooth audio capability. The dimensions of the belt are 22”x60”, which is roomy enough and it offers 300 lbs of user capacity. This treadmill has features that make it easier for anyone to carry out their daily exercise routine and has impressive features to match the needs of its customers.

Having a person motivating you while working out, can turn out to be extremely helpful. That is where the 10-inch HD touchscreen comes in handy. This touchscreen can be used to watch interactive, high-energy workout sessions with personal trainers who can control the speed of your machine in real-time. Live training sessions can be both motivating and fun, knowing that your trainer can help to adjust the intensity of your workout.

With this treadmill, your workout/training options are virtually unlimited. It gives you many workout options to choose from, for example, full body workout, cross training, incline training, calorie burn, yoga, bootcamp, run, lift and many more. These include more than 16000 on-demand workouts.

It allows you to experience different terrains from around the globe, and your personal trainer can adjust your speed according to the terrain to match its speed and incline. The Google Maps workout technology is used here to give you this amazing experience of running on a variety of terrains from all around the world. You can also get off the treadmill and be a part of high-powered cross-training workout sessions to tone your whole body.

Additionally, the treadmill display includes real-time workout tracking, which uses your heart rate and workout intensity to provide you with more details about the workout.

The Nordic Track Commercial Treadmill is perfect for a home gym too. It features multiple users and equipment capabilities. The treadmill allows you to add up to 4 different users per membership and create profiles so all your family members can be involved from various multiple devices. The membership gives you the perks of having personalized coaching activity, sleep, exercise and nutrition.

It is always easier to keep going when you know you have easy control over your machine and can set it to the intensity that suits you best. The Nordic Track Commercial Treadmill 1750 offers a -3% to 15% incline control and 0 to 12 mph speed control while you are running, and all these controls are accessible with just one touch. One of the best features of this machine is their Flex Cushioning that softens the impact on your joints and gives you a real road-running experience.

The Commercial 1750 treadmill is a good choice with some of the most useful features available in these machines. It is pretty handy when you want personalized workout sessions at home with their iFit software. Keeping it at home is even easier because the treadmill can be folded, and also allows all your family members to keep track of their fitness.

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