Bose-Soundsport-Wireless-vs-Jaybird-X3-900x423 Blog

Bose Soundsport Wireless vs Jaybird X3 – What to choose?

by David Wright

Bose-Soundsport-Wireless-vs-Jaybird-X3 Blog

Technology continues to evolve and the transition from wire to wireless has changed our preferences. It is much more apparent when it comes to listening devices, specifically the headsets.
Competition is everywhere in the industry and today, two of the most prominent headsets are going neck to neck – Jaybird X3 and BOSE SoundSport Wireless.

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Best Blanket

by Julia Wright

Best-Blanket Blog

What could you say about choosing the best blanket? Some people might think, “Oh, I know! This article is about thread count and Egyptian cotton, right?” No, this article is not about that, and you’ll be surprised how many things could be said about blankets. Yes, just the blankets.

Best-Juicer-for-Greens-900x423 Blog

Best Juicer for Greens

by David Wright

Best-Juicer-for-Greens Blog

Although every juice extractor available in the market can provide you green juice, only the top juicers can guarantee that you obtain all the vitamins and nutrients from leafy greens. Greens have particular features that need to be taken into account when they are processed. They also need their own way to be squeezed.