Hello and welcome, friends! My name is David and I am a guy behind this small (for now) Bestpicko.com project. I love some things in my life and it turned out that some of them are physical ;)

So my plan is to cover here products and categories which I’m passionate about with the aim to answer the questions and simplify the reader’s choice. And the main goal of Bestpicko is saving the most valuable resource of a person.. – yes, I mean time.

You know, there are many similar sites on the web. But there is one key difference which I’ll keep in Bestpicko – there will always be only really useful products. I’m minimalist and firmly believe that the less things we buy and use, the happier and freer our life becomes.

This may sound illogical (“hmm, how can a minimalist review products and create guides?..), but it’s not and let me explain why. Even though it’s true that we don’t have to own all those unnecessary devices, “rags and baubles” – which are often imposed on us by companies for their profit – it’s also true that in our century there are some great things that can make our life more pleasant, more healthy and fill it with new joy and impressions. In my opinion, all we need to do is to clearly distinguish what really benefits and makes life better, and what only takes time from us without bringing any real benefit.

So, you may consider Bestpicko as a “garbage-free” resource – a safe place, where you won’t find anything useless that could waste your time, money and energy.

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a pleasant stay and reading. Be happy!

Sincerely yours,


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